BerSing Bioscience Inc. was founded in 1988. We sold plastic products of the cell culture、immunobiology and molecular biology for the laboratory.
     All of professional sales pass strict training. After 20 years, we did solid experience become to Agency and distribution. For the biology field, we own a lot of intelligence  knowledge、patient and professionalism to service client whoever any researches university and biotech companies.
    BerSing Bioscience Inc. will forward novelty and multilateral cooperation in the future.
Company history
  • 1988
    Founded in Hisnchu
  • 1998
    Minipore distribution field
  • 2002
    ABI distribution field
  • 2003
    GE distribution field
  • 2007
    BD Falcon distribution field
  • 2010
    BerSing Biotech LLC. Website established 、Sartorius and Favorgen distribution field
  • 2011
    SPECTRUM distribution field
  • 2013
    Thermo Nalgene exclusive agency field
  • 2014
    Thermo Nunc exclusive field
  • 2017
    Qiage and FisherBrand exclusive agency field
  • 2018
    Thermo Fisher Labersv agency in Taiwan、Thermo Nalgene/Thermo Nunc agency、Set the Office in Taipei
  • 2019
    BIO BASIC agency、Bio Tek exclusive agency field